Back Pharmacy

About Us

Back Pharmacy in the Isle of Lewis

Established by the original owner, Dr Donald Taylor, in the 1990s, Back Pharmacy proudly serves
the local community as the first – and only – rural pharmacy in the Western Isles.

There is a real charm about the place in its idyllic setting on the road to Tolsta, and having a range
of local crafts, toiletries and candles in stock certainly adds to the appeal. We pride ourselves on
our range of gifts and households goods, but make no mistake – we provide a fantastic pharmacy
service too. We offer a free prescription collection and delivery service to the whole Broad Bay
area and have plenty of capacity to provide medicines in compliance aids (dosette boxes).

As part of a small independent group of pharmacies that is embracing technology and modern
ways of working, Back Pharmacy has everything you require if you are looking to get help stopping
smoking, are in need of getting yours or a family members medicines in a dosette box, or are just
looking to get a minor ailment treated.

Visit Back Pharmacy in the Isle of Lewis today to get the reliable healthcare advice and
support that you need. Or contact us to find out more.