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Welcome to Back Pharmacy in Isle of Lewis, we are here to support you at all times. We firmly believe that serving the community requires a constant commitment and professional yet compassionate attitude towards its healthcare needs. Our team aims to provide our patients and customers with comprehensive information and guidance about their health and well-being in a supportive and friendly manner.

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Limited free parking is provided at all services for on-site patients and customers!

With our pharmacy being a family business, we at Back Pharmacy strive to provide fast and exceptionally informative services for all of our patients and treat them as though they were a part of our own family. We are excited to introduce our new Loyalty Cards to all of our returning patients to express our gratitude for continuing to make Back Pharmacy their pharmacy of choice. It’s thanks to your ongoing support that we are able to do what we love to do; provide each and every one of our patients with a pharmacy that feels like home.

When it comes to remembering the timings and dosages of your medications, we know it can be a struggle. That’s why we offer free blister packs, to those who may need help keeping track of their meds. Rather than stressing about whether you’ve remembered to take your tablets that morning, our blister packs will help you to organise them preemptively. This will allow you to actively see which medications you have taken, and which still remain within the weekly trays. Organising your medications in this way will allow you to establish a routine, as well as alleviating any stress associated with remembering your morning, evening and daily doses.


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Changes in the pharmacy industry, as well as patient requirements, have occurred through the process. Pharmaself24, an automated pharmacy dispensing system, assists pharmacies in making prescription dispensing and collection more efficient and convenient. The free prescription collecting service in Isle of Lewis at Back Pharmacy is not only dependable but also simple to use. Customers can now pick up their medications even after business hours.



How our 24-hour free prescription collection service in the Isle of Lewis works?


This service is not only reliable but also time friendly.

Below are the 5 steps to follow before accessing this service;

1. The First step is Signing Up.
2. Immediately after your prescription is processed, we will send you an alert.
3. You will get a secret PIN code that you will use when collecting the medicines.
4. Once you are at the collection point, you will have to log in using the secret PIN on the Pharmaself24 touchscreen and pick up your medicines.
5. Easily collect the bag with your medicines in a practical, safe, and fully automated way, at your convenient time.



Why you should use our free Prescription collection service?


Improved patient care

The dispensing machine enables pharmacists to spend more time with patients hence providing better care.

Easy accessibility to medicines

It’s simple to access a 24-hour prescription service. You can pick up your prescription at any time. At these collection points, there are no queues hence no need to worry about time.

Free-up our staff time

The pharmacy staff spends a lot of time processing and dispensing medicines. By using the automated machine, this time is diverted to doing more valuable activities.

24/7 service

The service operates 24/7. Consequently, you can collect your medicine at a time that suits you. No need to wait until the pharmacy opens.

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Do you need to refill your prescription but are housebound because of certain medical reasons? Sign up for our quick, efficient, and reliable free prescription delivery to our housebound customers in the Isle of Lewis.

Although NHS prescriptions are usually not expensive and at other times free, the prescription collection procedure is tedious. As a result, most housebound patients rely on their caregivers for such errands. At Back Pharmacy, our free prescription delivery service makes it simple for the patient to get medications no matter their place of residence.


How does repeat free prescription delivery to housebound customers at Back Pharmacy work?


Most housebound customers are on repeat prescriptions. Therefore they can simply nominate Back Pharmacy to get their prescription.

Before joining our reliable delivery service, the first step is signing up. At this stage, you have to supply us with all your patient and contact information. These details will also assist us to monitor payments and dispatching your medications easily.

In the second step, our not only experienced but also capable team will contact your GP and request your prescription. Immediately we get your patient details and prescription, we prepare your medications and dispatch them upon your request.

Prescription delivery is the last step. However, before dispatching your prescription, you will receive an alert notifying you that the prescription has been processed. As soon as we receive payment for the medication, we dispatch it.



What is the cost for prescription delivery?


At Back Pharmacy, the prescription delivery service to our housebound patients is free. Although our customers do not pay the delivery charges, they still have to pay for their medicines. The health of our customers, including those housebound matters to us. As a result, efficient prescription delivery is vital.

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If you are a new or existing Back Pharmacy customer with regular medication needs, why not take advantage of our free online prescription ordering service? It’s easy to set up – plus did we mention it’s free?


Why use online prescription ordering?

Your time is at a premium so going back and forth from your GP to the pharmacy can be a pain. Using our online prescription service is easy to do and hassle-free to use:
– Initial setup only needs to be done once
– You’ll receive reminders to order your meds when they’re due
– Don’t have to visit the GP surgery each time you need your medication
– Saves you time plus travel costs
– It’s free!

How to set up online prescription ordering at Back Pharmacy?

Signing up with Back Pharmacy gives you access to all our services.
After registering online with Back Pharmacy, you can choose the prescription ordering service. Just complete the online ordering form and it comes straight to the pharmacy for organizing and processing.
You’ll also be able to choose our automated collection option so you can collect your prescription 24 hours a day using the collection point located outside of our store.

With our Pharmacy getting your prescriptions is easy and hassle-free!

You can contact us for more details on our prescription services and check to see if our services fit in with your lifestyle.
The online prescription ordering service is only available if you have regular medication. If you need a new prescription or need to change the medication you are using, you may still need to see your GP.

Choose Back Pharmacy for modern prescription services

Choosing Back Pharmacy will make getting your meds hassle-free by:
– Letting you order your prescriptions online – whenever and wherever you want.
– 24-hour prescription collection service using our 24/7 collection system.
Back Pharmacy is a modern prescribing pharmacy that embraces the many ways to make accessing our services more convenient for you. Plus, we love using innovative technology that is improving how we all access healthcare.
Make medication easier and order your prescription today!


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