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We provide individual consultations to help patients traverse this difficult process since for many people, treatment options and medical care can be highly stressful and confusing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand your health and medications. One of the most approachable healthcare providers that may provide a variety of services to their patients is the pharmacist. A private consultation is one of the most often offered services.

private consultation in Isle of Lewis

What does our private consultation in Isle of Lewis entail?

One of our pharmacists will talk confidentially with you about your personal health and well-being during your private session. These sessions are directed by you, the patient, and can be tailored to meet your specific healthcare needs. In general, the session focuses on presenting information relating to prescribed medicine.

Typically, a private consultation begins with a brief review of your medical history before moving on to medication-specific topics. These may include the intended use of the prescribed item, proper management of the medication, special usage instructions, proper storage, refill instructions, the maximum amount of time the product can be used, common adverse effects associated with the meds, and things to avoid.

The private consultation meetings must be conducted in accordance with all relevant laws and norms, including but not limited to those governing pharmacies, professional secrecy, and the protection of patient privacy.

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Our pharmacists are prepared and eager to offer knowledge, direction, and assistance in maintaining your health and addressing issues as a result of our holistic approach to care.

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